Travelaero announces launch of its Portal

16th September 2014 – Mumbai, India – a startup based out in Dubai, has announced its portal launch on the 10th September 2014. Partnering with the leading brands, would provide travel itinerary booking facility for its customer’s online from the launch of its portal  With the main focus to cover the resident expats in Dubai, UAE and international travelers visiting Dubai, provides a complete travel solution ranging from Hotels, Flights and Car Rentals.

Since the idea sparked, has been evaluating the strategies, implemented and have come up with definitive Travel platform.  To begin with creating a Brand Value in the region, Travelaero plans to release its first simple portal which would be enhanced in the near future, with more customer-centric approach based on the usability.  Meanwhile, the backend development would be still on which would be released batch-by-batch to make the customer experience complete.

“Travelaero aims to become one of the top travel portals in the region by 2015. As the product is very young and under development, our concept for travel holds lot of potential for the Global markets as well.  We are doing a series of action, to get in quick the launch of customer centric travel platform, with lot of features, meanwhile keeping it simple” said Mr.Rakesh Uthaman CEO of Travelaero. “At present we are open for online bookings, soon in a couple months, we would be ready to take up telephone and direct bookings as well.  Having studied the market potential, we are planning to open offices in multiple metropolitan cities in the India and United  Arab Emirates. ” he added.

In this highly competitive market, we have been trying to come up with a simple travel portal which shall focus on giving good usability and best prices. It would be too early for us to comment on our competitive landscape. However,, has been stepping into the online ecosystem to reach out the potential markets with the best proven experience online marketers in the team, who helps us in getting a pre-defined strategy to give our customer’s user-friendly web experience.

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