A short review about Quick2Host a part of Phoenix Advanced Softwares Pvt. Ltd. India – A Scam

There are cases in which few companies may have a service lapse. But this case it bit different, the customer has made over 30 calls and have been patiently waiting for the service for 3 months, as the company did not render the service, asked a refund, and finally came to know – the company doesn’t have policy to refund. Its like they take your money but won’t give you the service nor the money back. But for the sake of satisfying the customer – they agree to a refund, but never refund and keep telling the customer, that is in process.  Here is a review that was written – no more companies fall in such kind of scam.

An Advice: Never ever go with such kind of companies, instead go with trusted brands only.

The fun goes here:  http://www.mouthshut.com/websites/Quick2host-com-reviews-925640919

See all the positive reviews posted – are from their own staffs. You can see in Mouthshut.com the reviews about the company, and you will find Mr. Bajrang – who has given the review as excellent company. (He is the one who the reviewer is dealing with.)

Screenshot the same:

Quick2host review

Source: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.quick2host.com

This is a fraud company – Do not use this Beware.

I have placed an order from this company before 3 month on behalf of my company and made a bank transfer of Rs. 12000 to get the service. The company is a part of Phoenix Advanced Softwares Pvt. Ltd. The next day, I called and asked them regarding the same – they said there is a system error, later again I called to find the status, they said the person in charge is not available. I tried over 30 – 45 calls to the company. Later I tried to write to their CEO Mr. Amit – no response from him too. There is a person called Mr. Bajrang who agreed to refund, after that he daily tells some or the other stories not to refund. And one online chat executive Ms. Sneh Ranjan, she said she will get this solved and mentioned no policy to refund. I felt that this company doesn’t have a proper responsible team nor a CEO who cares for the company. I wrote this review because, there should be other people who should not get cheated like me. Below is the email which I sent to the company. Below is mail trial as proof.A mail to the Phoenix Advanced Softwares Pvt. Ltd.
Hi Amit,Not sure, if you have received this email. I wanted you to address this appropriately.Regards,Yuvaraj


To: ‘amit phoenixsoftwares.in’
Subject: RE: Refund the Money Back – xxxxx

Dear Amit,

I am Yuvaraj from xxxx. I placed a order long time back as we were running some special campaigns for our worldwide locations.

However, the campaigns has not been initiated due to the negligence of the team, and whenever, I spoke with the team they were mentioning “Today it will be ON and Tomorrow it will be ON” etc etc reasons.

Finally the traffic campaign is not run in spite of so many calls. Each time, I call they mention our CEO told this that etc again with so many reason. One of which is in the below trial mail.

Now a couple of weeks back my refund was accepted (again was told our CEO accepted), and when I called again recently, they said our CEO did not approve. So I happen to get the mail from your team member itself accepting the refund. Today I am chatting online with one of your team member –she says the below.

“Sneh Ranjan: Hello
Can I have you CEO number
or the email of him
Sneh Ranjan: Regarding what you want to talk?
Regarding a order – which was not delivered, – a refund was accpeted and mail has been sent confirming the refund by bajrang , but still did not receive it – which is supposed to be deposited yesterday. Today i called Bajrang – he says today is company anniversary so its not processed
its has been 3 months now.
Sneh Ranjan: hi
Sneh Ranjan: sneh here…
Sneh Ranjan: sir we do not follow the money back policy . but we will give you other service or if you want we will give you clicks also
Sneh Ranjan: and
Sneh Ranjan: we also provide sms pack,
I dont want it now.
Sneh Ranjan: hosting
Sneh Ranjan: server
Sneh Ranjan: VPS
Sneh Ranjan: website designing ..
Sneh Ranjan: please choose any one..
Sneh Ranjan: we also give leads and banner advertisement….
Sneh Ranjan: also…
Sneh Ranjan: please choose any one..
you have agreed to refund
it should be refunded.“
Finally I wanted to write to you to get the refund – I am not sure if you are aware about such kind of happening in your office. So thought it opt to notify you. Once again – I don’t want to leave a negative review about the company – hence I have written to you. Hope this case would be resolved by providing a refund.

Sent: 26 May 2015 12:38
To: ‘Quick2Host.com’
Subject: RE: Refund the Money Back – xxxxx

Hi Bajrang,

Thanks for the confirmation. Let me know is that you are going to transfer to paypal or to our company account.



From: Quick2Host.com mailto:sales.quick2host gmail.com
Sent: 26 May 2015 12:32
To: Raj xxxx
Subject: Re: Refund the Money Back – xxxx

Hello Sir,
today we will process your refund but it will credit in your account tomorrow.


Has my refund been processed or not. It has been more than a week, I haven’t got the money back. I though you people will call after such a conversation, but still you people seem to very irresponsible.

Refund it immediately.

Sent: 15 May 2015 12:10
To: ‘Quick2Host.com’
Subject: RE: Refund the Money Back – xxxx


Has my refund been processed???

Sent: 12 May 2015 11:59
To: ‘Quick2Host.com’
Subject: RE: Refund the Money Back – xxxxx


Sorry I do not need it now. You can refund. Share you CEO number too, I can speak with him as well if required.


From: Quick2Host.com [mailto:sales.quick2host gmail.com]
Sent: 12 May 2015 11:13
To: Raj xxxxx
Subject: Re: Refund the Money Back – xxxxx

Hello sir,
We discuss with our CEO
He is saying we will deliver the clicks with panality i mean we will deliver more clicks.
can i start click now and send you the tracking url.

On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 11:10 AM, Raj xxxxx raj xxxxx.com wrote:
What is the status of the refund?

From: Quick2Host.com mailto:sales.quick2host gmail.com
Sent: 11 May 2015 18:40
To: Raj xxxxx
Subject: Re: Refund the Money Back – xxxxx

Hello Sir,
i will discuss with Our CEO and i will reply you.

On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 6:32 PM, Raj xxxxx raj xxxxx.com wrote:

I spoke with your customer support team – I wanted the refund to my made to our paypal account number at info xxxxx.com or xxxx gmail.com

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