Flipkart Gets Merged with Myntra

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Flipkart and Myntra Merger News The India based  retail eCommerce giants Flip kart and Myntra Merges to provide the best to the customers. Source: Economic Times

Apple will refund at least $32.5 million to parents whose kids made purchase in App stores

Apple promises to refund the App store purchases made by children without parental concern, after making the settlement with Federal Trade commission (FTC). As per the settlement with FTC on Wednesday, Apple has to settle the claims and purchases made by the kids in the company’s own app store where the transaction has done with […]

Facebook may launch its own news reader for mobile users by this end of January

After so many years of experiments and redesigning works Facebook has come up with its new product called the “paper”. Facebook, the world’s largest social networking website could introduce its own news reading service for mobile users by the end of this month. According to the close source familiar with this matter, the product “Paper” […]

Samsung introduces its new bendable TV as a New Year Treat for customers

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Samsung Electronics Co has revealed its new concept on its TV sales. Samsung shows off its “bendable screen” television sets to the customers at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas. The demo model was 85-inch LED LCD TV. You can make adjustment of the screen by pressing just A particular button in your TV […]

AOL INC tried to acquire Business Insider

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AOL Inc has tried to purchase the businessinsider.com for more than $100 million by the end of the year 2013. But the talks have been broken down has the final amount offered by AOL is pretty not satisfied to the business insider team. The business Insider is specialized in finance, business and technology news. In […]

Sony playstation4 made a record breaking sale and tops the global technology market

Tokyo-Sony, the Japanese based consumer electronics giant has captured the world technology market by selling 2.1 million units of PS4 gaming console worldwide in just few days from the product release made on mid of November in North America and Canada. With the holiday season on Sony topped the sales in global technology market. “Sony […]

Amazon Prime Air- Drone Testing Success

Amazon the world’s largest online shopping retailer moves a step ahead in technology world which makes science fiction movies come true in real world. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the new plan on Sunday on its new delivery services. An unmanned “Octocopters” will deliver the products to the customers within 30 minutes.This mini drone had […]

Travelauto.com Ranks 2nd among top 10 Websites by Kentico

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Travelauto, a portal dedicated for car rentals, limousines and cab services worldwide, chosen one among the Top 10 Websites developed using Kentico for the Month of September  16th November 2013 – Delaware, USA – Travelauto, a fast growing car rental aggregator’s website www.travelauto.com developed using Kentico, a .net content management system has been ranked as […]

Sulpicio Curse Strikes Again In Latest Philippine Ferry Tragedy

(PR-inside.com) Philippine officials say at least 38 people – including children – have died and 82 remain missing in the aftermath of a collision between a ferry and a container ship Friday night. Search and rescue efforts continue as leaking oil s…

Atlanta Minister Receives International Award for Global Activism

August 16, 2013

Minister of Atlanta Outstanding Religious Organization Receives International Award

Geneva, Switzerland…The 2013 Be The Change Award, honoring individuals living the example inspired by Ghandi’s moral ideal to be the change we wish to see in the world, integrating personal, spiritual practice and global activism, has been awarded to Rev. Dr. David Ault. Rev. Ault is the Senior Minister of Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta (SLCA) in Atlanta, GA. SLCA has been awarded “Best of Atlanta Outstanding Religious Organization” since 2011 and is an affiliate of parent organization Centers for Spiritual Living. It has been in ..