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The Internet is going video. Are you? Don’t miss out on your first FREE video from!

Now content marketing is going video, sales persuasion increases as “seeing is believing”. With this concept, provides you a web-based video making with over 20 professional voice overs.

27th January 2014, Denmark – According to “Cisco Visual Networking Index” video is expected to be 69 percent of all Internet traffic in 2017. With many Real Estate professionals being too busy to handle their Internet Marketing, is offering a unique and most affordable solution to develop their video marketing and rank them on Google and You Tube. Make your first video, get the free online video maker with with a professional voiceover.

“For Real Estate professionals it means you get a way to highlight the uniqueness of the Estate while entertaining your clients. You and your client stands out in the market. You attract attention to your listings and Company by making it so much easier for potential buyers. And you double your Google and You Tube visibility of your listings and Company.” says Mr. Dan Hansen, CEO and Founder of “Also it attracts potential clients to your listings as around 73% of home owners says that they prefer a Realtor who can offer video presentations” he added. Make a free real estate video online. Just Sign-up for free now! and get $49 worth video free.

– In one place; get a personal “TV ad” to work for you. Get the first time free professional online video maker. offers not only to have your project photos turned to video , but at the same time you can have it made visible on YouTube and Google. You can get a YouTube video embedded for your mail campaign and even show case the video in your website as well. Having a video in You Tube, gets you on 1st page of Google, as prominence is provide for You Tube videos. “Our video SEO delivers impressive results. We have proved we can rank Real Estate videos for key search terms in Google,” says Mr. Dan Hansen. You can also have the traffic from your video turned to hot leads on your Web Site or have it linked to another video of yours. And yes, they can also embed it on your Web Site and redesign your Web Site so it matches your new level of marketing.

– A powerful cocktail at very affordable prices.

In a combination of using video templates and 20+ professional male and female Voice Overs Real Estate professionals can make them self seen and heard. At prices starting from $49 and Voice videos from $199 everybody can afford getting the benefits. As something, unique also offer to include satellite recordings, where you fly in over the local area. Everything is tied together using professional marketing psychology.

“All our video templates are structured after The AIDA model. This takes the viewer through the psychological process from attracting Attention, drawing Interest, creating Demand to Acting on the message. This is what makes it a marketing video, not only a video.” says Mr. Dan Hansen.

– In 3 Easy steps; Choose your favorite video, Order and Send Content. Now you can in 3 easy steps have your Real Estate marketing video done. No editing skills needed and no technical terms used. You only need your project photos and text for the voice. does everything online and using video templates is genius. Because it makes the videos very affordable and you know exactly what you get before you order.

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