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Controversial Colloidal Silver Antibiotic available in Thailand

( Colloidal Silver Antibiotic available in Thailand

Colloidal silver, have you heard of it? what is it?

Colloidal silver, a liquid suspension of the metal silver, is at present a very hot topic in the world of medicine. While natura…

LAS VEGAS NEWS CONFERENCE: Andy Martin says President Obama should cancel Nevada trip, release all Benghazi files


Romney’s Rangers
The Independent Mitt Romney
Political Action Team

Andy Martin
Executive Director

you can call Andy:
(603) 518-7310 (in Las Vegas 917-664-9329)

you can email Andy:

you can…

Kiwi Child Rape Suspect In Davao, Philippines May Be British

( The New Zealand pedophile, David William Wakefield (pictured), who was arrested in a joint Davao/Kidapawan police operation last week may be holding a British passport as well.

Information has come to light that suggests he has dual…

Hurricane Sandy Live Stream, Online Tracking Cams New York, Virginia Beach, Maryland

( Hurricane Sandy is a late season tropical cyclone that is impacting Jamaica, Cuba, The Bahamas, Haiti and Florida, and the United States East Coast and Canada.

For live storm tracking of Hurricane Sandy, including New York and East…

Equatorial Guinea Celebrates Independence Day in New York

( Harlem, New York – The Republic of Equatorial Guinea Permanent Mission to the United Nations will host a reception for the celebration of the 44th Anniversary of Accession of National Independence on Tuesday.

Equatorial Guinea ha…

Kiwi Pedophile Arrested In Southern Philippines On Child Rape Charges

( October 27, 2012

By Malu Cadelina Manar

Kidapawan – David William Wakefield, a 51 year old convicted child abuser from New Zealand’s South Island port of Timaru, has been arrested and held on charges relating to the abuse of girls…

Ressie Reyes Macaraeg & Gladys Canal Charged

( Ressie Reyes Macaraeg & Gladys Canal Charged By London Police
October 26, 2012

London’s Metropolitan Police today confirmed that two Filipinas have been arrested and charged in connection with complaints made against them and after …

Castle Windows CEO Chris Cardillo selected as advisor for Rowan University\’s Entrepreneurship Advisory Coucil

( Castle Windows CEO,Chris Cardillo has been selected as an advisor for Rowan University’s Entrepreneurship Advisory council. The intended purpose of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Council at Rowan University is to provide the school …

Equatorial Guinea: No Borders On Conservation

( Malabo, Equatorial Guinea – A documentary will soon be released to help The drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus). The dril is a species of primate family Cercopithecidae. It is one of the most endangered primate species in the world. Thi…


( From Arthur Hagopian

Jerusalem, Oct 22 – The epic odyssey of the boy Avedis, from the sandstorms of the Iraqi desert, to the golden throne of St James in Jerusalem, wound down to its inevitable close this week, as the coffin slow…